Futurist Speaker - Auckland


Businesses often become inward focused and insular in the way they think. It is easy to get tangled up in internal language and messaging that is not aligned to your customers. A futurist can help your employees to stand back and look at things from different angles. ​The outcomes that Vaughan Rivett will help you to achieve are:

  • Build an awareness of how your customers think

  • Identify opportunities to grow your business

  • Increase your customer satisfaction

  • Identify the untapped potential within your employees and customers

Vaughan Rivett is available for many diverse types of speaking engagements including executive coaching, leadership development, keynote speaking and more.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Vaughan Rivett is a futurist speaker who businesses hire to help their employees to think outside of the box. A session with Vaughan Rivett will help employees to think about some of the longer-term challenges that are being faced by your business and the opportunities that they provide for generating revenue today.