Level Up

As a leader in the constantly changing world of technology you stand out among your peers as purposeful and mission focused. You are playing your role in providing solutions to complex problems, experienced by many people. 

Your friends admire your life's work, tenacity, and exceptional work ethic.

But are exceptions being thrown up in the back of your mind as you reach the limit of your leadership? 


Your internal dialogue may be working overtime by asking:

  1. Is this all there is?

  2. Do I really want to be doing this for the rest of my life?

You have arrived at the right destination. But don't let up! Prepare to reach a new level of leadership potential. Level up to reach the next destination.

5 levels of Leadership



The lowest level of leadership—the entry level, if you will—is Position. It’s the only level that requires no ability or effort to achieve. After all, anyone can be appointed to a position! While nothing is wrong with having a leadership position, everything is wrong with relying only on that position to get people to follow. That’s because it only works if you have leverage (such as job security or a paycheck) over your followers.



The Production level is where leaders can become change agents. Work gets done, morale improves, profits go up, turnover goes down, and goals are achieved. The more you produce, the more you’re able to tackle tough problems and face thorny issues. Leading and influencing others becomes fun, because when everyone is moving forward together, the team rises to another level of effectiveness.



The commitment to becoming a Pinnacle leader is sizeable, but so are the payoffs. Level 5 leaders develop Level 5 organizations. They create opportunities other leaders don’t. They create a legacy in what they do. People follow them because of who they are and what they represent. In other words, their leadership gains a positive reputation. As a result, Level 5 leaders often transcend their position, their organization, and sometimes their industry.



When you like people and treat them as individuals who have value, you begin to develop positive influence with them. Trust grows, which usually leads to respect. And the environment becomes much more positive—whether at home, on the job, at play, or while volunteering.


People Development

So to grow at the people development level, you need to make investing in leaders a priority, and take intentional steps every day to help them grow. Do that consistently, for long enough, and you may begin to reap the rewards of the next level.

People who chose to Level Up

Craig Sounes, Technology Recruitment

"I didn't know where to start with personal development, I was sceptical about using a facilitator.

Vaughan listens and is personable. He makes the programme work for the individual"