How to set up leaders for success

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Girl in a green top celebrates success
Anyone can make a successful leader

For many years, I have observed people as they have been promoted to the role of a leader, especially in the technology industry. Typically, the person who has the best set of hard skills gets the job. For example, someone who can develop great mobile apps becomes the team leader.

Everyone possesses the ability to become a great leader, but few begin as a great leader. This means that as people transition from one role to another, they need support as they develop their leadership skills. Just because they write the best line of code, does not qualify them as a leader.

Do not get me wrong, it does pay to have leaders who understand the work of the team, this understanding will help them to serve the team. Being the best at a skill also provides an opportunity to support and coach team members to become good at that skill.

I have also seen when new leaders have lacked the support that they needed to the point that an organisation has had disastrous results. I have seen church pastors take a financially viable church to the point of financial ruin. The team has become dysfunctional, people burnt out and the congregation disillusioned. And it all could have been avoided.

On many occasions, I have had the privilege to play a critical role in helping organisations to correct their course. In my experience, the themes are always similar, poor leadership, lack of vision and a lack of business acumen.

"Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less."

Leadership is a journey. Anyone can lead. After-all, as John C. Maxwell claims, "Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less."

Before you consider who in our organisation you would like to promote into a leadership role it is worth considering the following:

  1. It is not about the position or title; it is about the person and the influence that they have

  2. Consider the values that the person has, how much do they value and add value to other people?

  3. What do they do to bring out the best in other people?

  4. What is their leadership style? Are they a servant leader?

  5. Are they teachable?

This is an area that where I am wanting to help people to succeed. I look around and see people in leadership roles who are drowning. The thing is, I believe anyone can become a good leader. I do not think it is as hard as people may think.