Virtual Event: John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker

John Maxwell certified coach, teacher and speaker

Over the past 12 months I have been developing myself as a leader by undertaking training to become a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer. Recently I attended the International Maxwell Certification (IMC) event, where I graduated with my certification.

Living in an era of COVID-19 and the many things that come with that, the live event in Orlando, Florida was unable to take place. However, the event was run through a virtual experience using the platform. I have been deliberate in using the term "experience", because it truly was an experience.

Setup for a virtual conference using
Virtual conference setup

Due to the time difference between New Zealand and ET, the conference began at 1:00 AM and went through to 9:30 AM here in New Zealand. I set myself up to make the most of the conference. I was able to enjoy the comfort of my own home.

If you can imagine this, the television became the main stage. You will also see that I have a laptop on a music stand. This was for the speed networking. During the breaks between speakers, I was able to be randomly connected to other event delegates. We got to talk for 2 minutes before we would be abruptly disconnected and matched with another delegate.

As chaotic as it appears, I found that there was a lot of value in speed networking. If I had attended the event in person, I wold have been too shy to speak with a lot of the people I connected with. Not only that, but in a live setting, once I begin speaking with someone, I would tend to speak with them for a longer period and therefore not meet as many people.

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