Customer Testimonials

Vaughan's ability to facilitate a mastermind is second to none. The discussions were insightful, and I formed some great relationships with the other participants. I strongly recommend his mastermind groups because they provided me with useful tools. I am achieving my personal and professional goals. Thank you, Vaughan!  

Gary Perez, Marketing Manager

I did a course that was immensely helpful to me. We talked through many elements of life thinking about how to maximise on the most important things to me. Vaughan (the facilitator) listened well and gave some great insight as we broached many different topics. I would recommend these courses to anyone who wants to get serious about the direction of their life and making steps towards their dreams and aspirations.  

Nathan Bird, Pastor

I've worked with Vaughan at Leadership Destination for the last 6 months. I've seen real value from attending 2 Mastermind series in that time & the things I've learnt have helped me to focus on what I need to do. Vaughan is great to work with & I've enjoyed the whole experience.   

Jon Kershaw, Commercial Manager in Technology

Vaughan is a dynamic and engaging presenter. His tips and tools on leadership are invaluable and can be easily applied to today’s business environment. 

Monica Moore, President of Professional Speakers Association

Vaughan is an awesome Leadership and Performance coach. I've done two mastermind courses with him, and it has elevated my performance in many areas of my life including work, finance, and sports. Highly recommended to anyone who is looking to elevate their ways of work and mindset.

Daniel Kim, Software Developer

Listening to Vaughn speak was a delightful mix of education and entertainment. He has a way of changing direction on you that keeps your attention and then coming to a worthy point, that he demonstrates extremely well. His experience is obvious, and he brings it to the table and shares it openly and allows you to pick out the great ideas and insights.

Bill James, Business Owner

I have participated in multiple courses led by Vaughan and in each of them I have received great teachings and new tools to achieve my goals. Highly recommended.

Carolina Garay Boszeta, Architect

Well researched and presented talk that hit the mark for the listeners and enabled them to gain important skills to develop.

David Smith, Economist 

An engaging speaker with broad knowledge on a range of topics and a great attitude. Always been easy to work with, he shows up prepared, and is helpful throughout the production process.

Sonia Kumari, Conference Producer

Highly knowledgeable and informative and brought the ideas of the panel together well. His stage presence and ability to engage the audience was impressive, as was his ability to keep the questions relevant and interesting within the time allowed.

Sara Ellis-Jack, Event Manager

I've had the pleasure to hear Vaughan present recently at a Utility Conference. He was a very engaging speaker and shared topics and views that were relevant, futuristic, and interesting.

Valerie Lai, Origin Energy

An incredible skill base and unique way of connecting with people, which is genuine, powerful, and often funny. I recommend his public speaking to anyone who wants excellence and a professional job done!

Maree Downey, Business Owner

A great presenter - entertaining and interesting and linked it to the audience. We had excellent feedback from those attending and I would recommend Vaughan as a great conference keynote.

Angela Atkins, Co-founder and best-selling author

Vaughan is an engaging presenter who has helped me find and focus on my values and goals. I highly recommend his leadership courses

Yohannas Santoso, Project Manager