Whose dream are you living?

Three things you need to know about following your dreams.

Have you stopped to think about who owns the dream that you are living? Are you living your dream or the dream of someone else, such as a parent or loved one?

We cannot live someone else’s dream; we must live our own dream.

3 things you need to know about following your dreams.

Dreams inspire and motivate us to act

Dreams are the catalyst to inspire and motivate us to a preferential state of being. Each action you take will lead you closer to your dream.

Dreams must be big enough to be worth fighting for

Challenges, pain, and frustrations will overwhelm you and you’ll want to give up. Regardless, when the dream is big enough you will always find a way to keep on going.

You will grow into your dream

Unforeseen obstacles will require you to develop new skills, a bit like swinging an axe. If you want to cut down a massive tree, doing so in one day would be exhausting. But if, once a day you take a swing at the tree, eventually the tree will fall. New skills obtain results through growth and consistency over time.

Leadership Destination, Vaughan Rivett September 29, 2022
I followed a simple tip, and my self-confidence has improved