Motivating Your Team: Inspiring Action for Exponential Growth

  • December 9, 2022

I often get asked the question “how can I motivate people in my team?” 

Let me put it simply. You cannot motivate anybody. 

But you ask, “what about motivational speakers?”

When was the last time you listened to a motivational speaker and actively went about incorporating what they said into your life? Probably not all that often, at best, you had good intentions.

If you did act, then you were probably listening to an inspirational speaker. Someone who communicates in such a way that you are inspired to act.

Motivation happens internally within someone, usually once they have acted. The action could be as simply planning to begin doing something. The more action we take the greater the motivation.

For example. If the thought of working out at the gym doesn’t motivate you, then the action may be to put your shoes on and walk through the gym doors and without working out, leave.  Once you have taken the action of going to the gym, you have taken the first step. Now that you are at the gym you will be more likely to take another step and workout.

As we turn inspiration into action, our brain is rewarded by chemicals that will keep us seeking the success that comes as we complete actions and begin to see results. 

Once you are seeing results, your motivation grows exponentially. 

You’ll inspire other people. 

First and foremost, a leader needs to understand how to create motivation in him/herself. Once you have developed this awareness, you can coach the people you lead so that they too can create their own motivation.

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