Selective Mute to Public Speaker

  • May 31, 2022

As a parent, I am constantly in awe of the miracle of witnessing my daughter's entrance into this world. That extraordinary moment when she took her very first breath. I gazed at her in wonder, captivated by her flawless beauty. This is a sentiment shared by countless parents.

I have vivid memories of watching my daughter grow and achieve important milestones like rolling over, sitting up, crawling, and eventually walking. One particular day stands out in my mind - when her uncle was visiting and playing with her, she suddenly stood up and took her first steps.

As parents, we celebrate these milestones and feel a sense of relief as we witness our children's development. However, not all parents have the same experience. Some may notice certain problems or challenges that become more apparent as their child grows, even though they seemed perfect at birth.

This was a concern for my own parents. If I had been born in this day and age, I might have been diagnosed as a Selective Mute. I simply didn't speak, but my mother insists that I was still an effective communicator. I relied on mime, and my older brother acted as my translator.

Who would have thought that I, of all people, would end up being a public speaker? It's mind-boggling when I reflect on the huge crowds, I've had the privilege of addressing. From massive audiences of up to 13,000 people to more intimate gatherings, I've certainly had my fair share of speaking engagements. But here's the kicker - I still struggle with pronunciation. That's why I tend to stick to what I like to call "safe words" when I'm up on stage. These are the words I know I can pronounce without fear of messing up.

People are like unopened bottles of potential, just waiting to be uncorked. But instead of embracing our potential, we often slap labels on ourselves and our problems. It's like we're at a clearance sale for limitations! But here's the deal, folks: labels are so yesterday. We need to ditch them, and start seeing beyond our problems and supposed limitations. Because let me tell you, most of the time there's something we can change in our lives that will totally rock our future. So, let's uncork that potential and toast to a brighter tomorrow! Cheers!

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